Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Hadith 6: Gatherings Are To Be Kept In Confidence

المجالس بالامانة
Gatherings must be kept in confidence.

This hadith portrays the etiquettes of gatherings, that whatever is discussed within a gathering should not be discussed otherwise (out of the gathering) without the permission of those who were within in it.

The ulema mention that this hadith must be upheld (not to discuss matters of a gathering out of it), except in three circumnstances where it is allowed:

1: Where murder is being discussed.

2: Where the rape of a woman is being discussed.

3: Where the theft of belongings or property is being discussed

In these circumstances, they people of the gathering must warn the people so they may save themselves.

Some other ulema have mentioned that any gathering where there is discussion of any type of harm coming upon a tribe or religion, this must also be made public.

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