Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Hadith 10: The Transgressor is Deceitful and Ignoble

السَّلامُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَ رَحْمَةُ الله وَ بَرَكات

وَالْفاجِرُ خُبٌّ لَءِيم

The Transgressor is Deceitful and Ignoble

When speaking of deceit and being ignoble, this hadith means that those who are transgressors (Those who transgress the bounds of shariah and deen), are those who purposefully deceive and con people. They themselves do not get deceived by any one but should a day occur that some body worse than them should deceive them they are in constant worry, thinking how they should they get their revenge.

Like it has been mentioned in the previous hadith that a true believer (a mumin) is one who is always in worry in the life of the hereafter, and keeps this in the forefront of his mind in all dealings and forgives everyone, the matter is the opposite of the transgressor.
They do not forgive and think only of revenge. This is because they do everything only for the life of this world, without a thought for the hereafter.
Their ultimate goal is the life and luxury of this world and for this they are willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means deceiving people.

In another narration is states; On the day of qiyamah, those who used to deceive people, will be called close to jannah (paradise), when they get close and wish to enter the door of jannah will be closed on them, this will keep occurring to them, and they will be told "How you deceived the people in the world, today you shall be deceived".

May Allah (swt) protect us from becoming of the transgressors, and make us from the true believers. Ameen

السَّلامُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَ رَحْمَةُ الله وَ بَرَكات

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Asif said...

May Allah (SWT) keep us away from the acts of transgression. Aa’meen!

The best choice is to accept the truth, an evident reality, which devises no tricks nor false influence. Because, truth stands as truth—more exalted by simplicity, and not by force!!!

When we live by errors, in fact, we ruin ourselves.

Br. Abdul Jawad